High Quality Wood & Materials made to endure the outdoors


Durango Decks is a certified TREX Pro contractor. Our crews have been thoroughly trained by the manufacturer on proper construction techniques, and our work has been inspected for quality control. Durango Decks provides detailed engineering drawings included with your deck design proposal. Your deck will be inspected and approved by local building inspectors throughout the construction process to ensure compliance with local building codes. You can trust our crew to do the job right the first time.


Incorporating a pergola (lattice-like timber roof) or a square or octagonal gazebo (open-sided room with a roof) will offer an enchanting space that is protected from the elements while keeping an open-air feel of a deck. It can be a private oasis or gathering spot for the family entertaining and special occasions.


Built-in benches, tables, and planter boxes can add beauty and function to your deck design. Built-in benches can be used to provide seating to a hot tub, or to define a dining area. Instead of a railing, benches can be placed along a stretch of a deck where the view is especially inviting.

Stairs & Railings

Stairs provide a transition from a deck surfaces into the home and out to the yard. Deep treads can be built to seat plant containers or to provide a conversation area around the fire pit. Recessed lighting can be installed into stairs to define a staircase and add ambiance.